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Felix & Paul Studios is at the forefront of cinematic virtual reality. Through the symbiosis of artistic and technological innovation, the studio is reinventing storytelling through the creation of visceral and intimate experiences that provide an unprecedented sense of presence, awareness, and emotional engagement.

Led by award-winning directors and innovators Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël, the studio focuses on fiction, non-fiction and experiential virtual reality storytelling. Felix & Paul Studios creates original content such as the Nomads series and Strangers with Patrick Watson, and collaborates with industry-leading partners on projects such as Jurassic World: Apatosaurus, Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios, Wild The Experience, LeBron James Striving for Greatness and Inside Impact: East Africa, featuring President Bill Clinton.

Through the close interplay of art and technology, the studio has developed proprietary 3D 360° VR camera systems, software and process – a platform largely recognized by the industry as the reference for the highest quality live-action VR filmmaking.

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Virtual Reality: Will Anyone But Gamers Watch
The Hollywood Reporter | 2015/10/08

Bill Clinton appears in virtual-reality movie on Africa
AP | 2015/09/25

“It's something you visit, something no film or YouTube video can replicate.”

Bill Clinton is the First U.S. President in Virtual Reality
Fast Company | 2015/09/25

“the film showcases The Clinton Global Initiative’s efforts in solar power, hearing aids and girls’ education in Africa”

Facebook Introduces 360-Degree Video With 'Star Wars' Experience
The Hollywood Reporter | 2015/09/23

“Cleveland Cavaliers star James, meanwhile, teamed up with Felix & Paul Studios to create LeBron James: Striving for Greatness.”

Felix and Paul Studios Spins Off 3D Sound Unit As Headspace Studios
TechCrunch | 2015/09/21

“Virtual reality company Felix & Paul Studios announced Monday onstage at Disrupt SF the launch of a separate division focused on 3D, 360-degree sound mixing.”

Felix & Paul Studios Spin Off 3D Sound Unit as Headspace Studios
VRScout | 2015/09/22

“The newly formed division, dubbed Headspace Studio, will deliver sound for live action VR experiences produced by Felix & Paul Studios as well as other VR creators.”

VR sound design studio launched by Felix & Paul
VRfocus | 2015/09/23

“The new studio will be focused on sound design and sound mixing for VR experiences.”

Watch LeBron James Take You Through His Insane Daily Workout
Details | 2015/09/24

“The team for the studio spent nearly a week with the Cleveland Cavalier setting up 360-degree cameras while he went through his daily routines.”

Facebook video gives 360-degree peek into LeBron's life
Yahoo! Sports | 2015/09/23

“Virtual Reality isn't just for lonely folks looking to escape their everyday lives, it's really starting to amplify to the world of sports.”

Virtual Reality: Jaunt Raises Additional $66M; Felix and Paul Studios Focuses on Sound
The Hollywood Reporter | 2015/09/21

“VR production company Felix & Paul Studios confirmed that it recently started operating a VR sound studio.”

Facebook’s Oculus partners with Felix & Paul Studios to craft VR experiences for its Rift launch
The Next Web |2015/07/18

“Facebook’s VR company Oculus has partnered with virtual reality film mavericks Felix & Paul Studios to produce a slate of immersive experiences for the Rift headset.”

Virtual-Reality Films Could Put The Whole Industry In The Spotlight
Readwrite | 2015/07/20

“The largest live-action VR deal to date.”

Oculus is making a push for more live action VR movies by 2016
Wearable | 2015/07/20

“The partnership[…] is a good sign that Oculus sees a future for its headset beyond games”

How Felix & Paul Studios are making films for the coming VR boom
Canadian Business | 2015/07/27

“VR hasn’t yet hit the mainstream, but these Montreal producers are pioneering new kinds of filmmaking to be ready when it does.”

Are you ready to enter your favourite movies?
CBC Radio – Q with Shad | 2015/7/20

“Did you love the movie Wild? What if instead of watching Reese Witherspoon hike the Appalachian trail, you could walk right alongside her?”

Felix & Paul Studios développe pour Facebook
Argent | 2015/07/20

“Le mandat de la startup n’est pas banal: réussi à sortir la réalité virtuelle du jeux vidéo afin d’y intéresser monsieur et madame tout le monde”

Montreal’s Felix & Paul Studios partnering with Oculus for multi-project production deal
Mobile Syrup | 2015/07/20

“Our studio’s objective is to create content of the highest quality — both artistically and technologically — and to expand the boundaries of what can be expressed through the medium.”

Virée des galleries: Jurassic World: Apatosaurus et Jérôme Bouchard
La Presse | 2015/07/17

“Les studios Félix et Paul ont accouché d'un dinosaure, un apatosaure pour être plus précis. Virtuellement réel et en trois dimensions.”

How Canada is leading the world in VR innovation
All Things VR | 2015/07/16

“Montreal’s Felix and Paul Studios has also quickly become a leader in VR content creation, creating immersive experiences in 360-degrees.”

Virtual Reality North: A look at the major VR players in Canada
Betakit | 2015/7/15

“Led by directors and visual artists Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël, the studio has developed an industry-leading platform for VR filming and the creation of cinematic virtual reality experiences.”

Christine Renaud, Félix Lajeunesse et Paul Raphaël nommés dans le palmarès 2015 du magazine BizBash
Infopresse | 2015/07/03

“Ça donne l’impression qu’une fenêtre s’ouvre sur un monde nouveau. Le cinéma traditionnel ne permet pas ce type d’impression.”

Un studio montréalais nous transporte à l’intérieur du Monde jurassique
ICI Radio-Canada | 2015/07/02

“Félix Lajeunesse et Paul Raphaël participent présentement à une petite révolution dans la manière de consommer des images 3D.”

Virtual Reality Bytes
Screendaily | 2015/06/25

“The next two to three years will see the creation of an ecosystem for VR content to be distributed, bought and consumed by viewers.”

New virtual reality film makes viewers a part of Cirque du Soleil’s latest show
The Toronto Star | 2015/06/21

“It’s the birth of something new, a brand new medium and art form.”

La réalité virtuelle nous plonge dans l’univers du Cirque du Soleil
Le Devoir | 2015/06/18

“C’est la naissance de quelque chose de nouveau, un tout nouveau média et une nouvelle forme d’art.”

Virtual reality puts you inside Cirque du Soleil
Victoria News | 2015/06/17

“It's as if you staged a play for one viewer only.”

New virtual reality film makes viewers a part of Cirque du Soleil's latest show
Citynews | 2015/06/17

“We want to try new technology and push it to its limit.”

SubPac Partners with Universal Pictures to Bring Jurassic World to Life
Digital Journal | 2015/06/17

“Jurassic World is such a beloved franchise, and with ‘Jurassic World: Apatosaurus’ we’re completely changing the way people interact with media.”

13 Stories in Canada We’re Watching
Maclean’s | 2015/06/17

“Virtual reality inside Cirque du Soleil”

Jurassic Park in VR
Endgadget | 2015/06/12

“I visited Jurassic Park in VR and tried to pet a dino.”

Samsung’s Jurassic World VR Experience is Every Dinosaur Lover’s Dream
MOVIEPILOT | 2015/06/09

“This particular VR experience channeled the awe of the original Jurassic Park, and was actually shot in the Muir Woods. ILM deserves a shout-out for the flawless design of the apatosaurus itself.”

The 7 Best Things I Learned at the Jurassic World Press Junket
GeekTyrant| 2015/06/09

“Created by Felix & Paul Studios in under a month, the experience allows viewers to come face to face with a huge apatosaurus in a clearing in Muir Woods, the same location used as Endor in Return of the Jedi. ILM created the apatosaurus and a pteranodon that flies overhead, and I have to say, it was a pretty spectacular introduction to the world of VR and what’s going to be possible as this technology continues to improve and become mainstream over the next few years.”

A Film Studio for the Age of Virtual Reality
MIT Technology Review | 2015/02/13

“A Montreal-based film studio is making movies that you’ll watch with a virtual-reality headset, pointing the way to a whole new form of entertainment.”

Ocular Evolution: art meets virtual reality at the Sundance Film Festival
Art Slant | 2015/01/30

“The VR Works of Felix & Paul allows us to delve into worlds as far reaching and wildly different as the Mongolian steppes, a Montreal-based musician’s studio, and the Pacific Crest Trail set of the film Wild.”

Wild takes a new path, into virtual reality, at Sundance
Oregon live | 2015/01/28

“Witherspoon climbs a ridge with her backpack one more time in “Wild — The Experience,” a virtual reality demonstration that’s drawing big crowds at the Sundance Film Festival.”

Montreal pioneers show off virtual-reality vision at Sundance Festival
Montreal Gazette | 2015/01/24

“Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël are the young pioneers at the helm of this studio, which has fast become one of the world’s most innovative creators of original cinematic virtual-reality experiences.”

How virtual reality ate the Sundance film festival
The Verge | 2015/01/24

“The future of independent film may not be film at all.”

Félix & Paul go to Sundance with new VR experience
CBC News | 2015/01/23

“With the increasing availability of VR developer kits and interest from Hollywood filmmakers and video game creators, many observers say 2015 is the year of virtual reality.”

Virtual Reality ‘Wild’ Trek, With Reese Witherspoon
The New York Times | 2014/12/04

“As for Ms. Witherspoon, she first viewed her performance through Samsung goggles last week, and was duly impressed. “I thought it was beautiful,” she said in a telephone interview. “It was very emotional for me.”

Virtual Reality Storytelling Is Trending in Hollywood: Felix + Paul Studios Latest to Jump on Bandwagon
The Wrap | 2014/10/28

“Forget about cinema and the language of cinema. It’s a totally new medium. There are elements of traditional filmmaking that integrate into VR but as a filmmaker, you have to start from scratch. […] You can’t treat the viewer like a viewer. You have to intensify the emotional experience because they have an enhanced sense of awareness […].” – Félix Lajeunesse on virtual reality and cinema.

Fox’s journey into virtual reality begins with ‘Wild’
Engadget | 2015/01/09

“Who you are evolves throughout the piece from being yourself to being perhaps an omniscient viewer, but that is present,” says Raphaël.

New Frontier exhibition at Sundance focuses on the future
LA Times | 2015/01/22

“The New Frontier exhibition at Sundance has become one of the festivals ‘most exciting’ features.”

Virtual reality movies are coming
CNN Money | 2014/10/23

“It gives you this really powerful and emotional experience of being present,” Felix Lajeunesse of Felix and Paul Studios, which makes VR content. “It’s going to grow at exponential speed,” he added. “It’s just too interesting and extraordinary an experience for it to fail.”

Bart & Fleming: Are Studios Driving The Lazy Road Paved By Detroit Automakers?
Deadline | 2014/09/21

“Why leave it for a director to determine the frame you see, when you can make that decision yourself? I don’t exactly know what this means, but I can tell you for me, it was that caveman-looking-at-fire moment.” Mike Fleming Jr having just lived the Samsung Gear VR Introduction to VR experience created, directed and produced by Felix & Paul Studios.

The 10 Must-See Sundance Films For Art Lovers
Huffington Post | 2015/01/13

“This year’s pickings with gather together everyone from music video director Chris Milk to fine artist Doug Aitken to virtual reality visionaries Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël. “The film lineup completely eschews any notion of theme, style or category, unless the category is incredible diversity,” said Frilot. “The sheer geographic diversity, and the diversity of the filmmakers themselves, is matched only by the diverse and eclectic visions of their films in the line up.”

VR Films Are Going to Be All Over Sundance in 2015
WIRED | 2014/12/04

“Artists Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël will also be showing a series of live-action experiences, including one that lets users sit in the room while a pianist works on music. [Ed.—They brought this to SXSW last year, and it remains one of the most surprisingly intimate experiences we’ve seen on the Rift.]”

Oculus Rift carves out virtual-reality spot in entertainment world
LA TIMES | 2014/05/06

“Raphael’s ‘Strangers’ film, which he directed with collaborator Felix Lajeunesse, puts viewers in the studio with Watson such that when the musician turns to look at you, you almost want to say something to him.”

Virtual reality is a brilliant new medium, but let’s use it properly
The Guardian | 2014/04/13

“Strangers – A Moment with Patrick Watson by Felix and Paul is a masterclass in perfect technical execution.”

Virtual reality is here. Inside the worlds dreamed up by Hollywood’s most radical storytellers
The California Sunday Magazine | 2014/10/05

“[…] It might rank as one of most profound aesthetic experiences of my life. There’s something about how intimate, still, humble, small, and graceful it is that’s deeply moving.” – Carina Chocano, after experiencing Strangers with Patrick Watson for the very first time.